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How to Use 211 Counts – Summary Data for 211CNY Call Center Requests

Visit 211CNY counts at http://211cny.211counts.org/ to see interactive aggregated data for 211CNY Call Center inquiries. In the image below, the red arrows indicate interactive areas you can click on the 211CNY Counts page to display information. FAQs are below.

Interactive data on 211 Counts
Red arrows show interactive areas on the web page at http://211cny.211counts.org/


How is the data collected?
Across the U.S., 211 call centers handle millions of calls every year. Call centers provide aggregated data about the calls to 211 Counts, which systematically tracks and summarizes callers’ needs.

What does "Total Calls" mean?
"Total Calls" and "Total Service Requests," displayed across the top of the page, reflects all calls and service requests to the call center during the selected time range and for the selected geographical area. One caller may request more than one service.

Does 211 Counts track all of those calls?
211 Counts offers data about the top requests—the most important basic needs of callers, such as food, shelter and clothing. While 211s track every call and service request—even those that are very rare – 211 Counts focuses on the most common requests.

Can I get more specific data?
Yes. Users select specific categories of requests to view. Each category displays either a total count of requests for the selected area and time OR a percentage of all 12 categories. Clicking on a category enables the user to view subcategories, and their percentage or total count of calls within the category.

What is a region?
A region is a group of ZIP codes served by a call center. Some call centers serve more than one region.

What do the colors on the map indicate?
The rate of a particular type of call is expressed per 1,000 adults living in that ZIP code, reflected on the map of data. Each ZIP code is colored to reflect a "high," "intermediate" or "low" rate of calls compared to others in that region. When "all" regions are viewed on the map, the colors reflect the comparative call rates for all regions of a call center.

Why is the category count different than the total of its subcategory count?
Coding procedures differ between call centers. Some centers may code a request broadly, such as "utilities," while other centers may code a similar request more specifically, such as "electric." "Electric" will fit within one of the 211 Counts subcategories while "utilities" will not.

More questions about the tool or the data? Contact us at [email protected], to learn more about 211 Counts.

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