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Specialized Counseling Services

Abuse Counseling (51) RP-1400.8000-020  

Adolescent/Youth Counseling (60) RP-1400.8000-050  

Anger Management (54) RP-1400.8000-070  

Bereavement Counseling (66) RP-1400.8000-100  

Bullying Counseling (17) RP-1400.8000-120  

Caregiver Counseling (37) RP-1400.8000-145  

Child Guidance (31) RP-1400.8000-155  

Crime Victim/Witness Counseling (12) RP-1400.8000-160  

Cultural Transition Counseling (25) RP-1400.8000-167  

Divorce Counseling (59) RP-1400.8000-175  

Ex-Offender Counseling (2) RP-1400.8000-185  

Gambling Addiction Counseling (15) RP-1400.8000-250  

Gender Identity Counseling (38) RP-1400.8000-260  

Geriatric Counseling (44) RP-1400.8000-270  

Health/Disability Related Counseling (30) RP-1400.8000-300  

Hoarding Counseling Programs (14) RP-1400.8000-315  

Human Trafficking Counseling (1) RP-1400.8000-327  

Internet Addiction Counseling (17) RP-1400.8000-330  

Juvenile Delinquency Diversion Counseling (2) RP-1400.8000-370  

Marriage Counseling (61) RP-1400.8000-500  

Overspender Counseling (11) RP-1400.8000-630  

Parent Child Interactive Therapy (5) RP-1400.8000-645  

Parent Counseling (67) RP-1400.8000-650  

Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders Treatment (19) RP-1400.8000-655  

Post Trial Juror Counseling (1) RP-1400.8000-665  

Postabortion Counseling (18) RP-1400.8000-660  

Premarital Counseling (35) RP-1400.8000-670  

Psychiatric Disorder Counseling (21) RP-1400.8000-675  

Sex Offender Counseling (5) RP-1400.8000-795  

Sexual Assault Counseling (37) RP-1400.8000-800  

Sexual Orientation Counseling (37) RP-1400.8000-805  

Sexual/Love Addiction Counseling (7) RP-1400.8000-810  

Sexuality Counseling (32) RP-1400.8000-815  

Spiritual/Religious Issues Counseling (18) RP-1400.8000-820  

Suicide Counseling (34) RP-1400.8000-825  

Terminal Illness Counseling (21) RP-1400.8000-850  

Veteran Reintegration Counseling (12) RP-1400.8000-900  

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